Controller setting

Hey all

I had perfect controller settings during the preview but I can’t seem to replicate them on the full game now. My controller seem out of wack and I can track my targets…sometimes I feel like my gun is just spraying.

What are your controller settings? Thanks

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Are you having a similar issue that I’m having? My problem is sometimes my controller will bug out or something and suddenly when I’m aiming at an enemy it’s like all my settings got cranked to 1000. Everything was smooth yesterday, but today this is happening.


Yes from time to time I find my sensitivity off. Either it’s my hands getting old or it’s the game. I’ll blame it on the game. lol.

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Me too, someone sent me this and it helped a bit

I found out that disabling Steam controller settings and only using the in game control settings fixed it for me actually. Haven’t had the problem since so it must’ve been Steam’s fault. Can’t say the problem if its on the console side.