Controller Sensitivity

Not sure if anybody else has this problem, but I have my sensitivity set a 3(default). I enjoy how well the horizontal sensitivity is on that setting, but the vertical is soooooo slow! I hate how I try to fall down on somebody and try to bash them, but miss and look franticaly for them again but it’s too late and I die cause the vertical sensitivity to to slow. I know some first-person shooter games have options where you can adjust both vertical and horizontal sensitivity instead of them both as a whole, and I think future Halo games should include those options.

I dislike how full 45’ isn’t 100% X and Y. Maybe that’s what you too mean.

On a side note, Turok2 is by far my favourite of the series. The first is a close second and the rest trail far behind. 3 being last in a hole so deep even deep would say “whoa, that’s too deep for me.”

I haven’t noticed this, but then again I do play on 10 sensitivity, so I’ve no problem with it being too slow. But to me it seems like both vertical and horizontal are even in speed. By any chance have you the wrong screen size set on your xbox (e.g. using 4:3 when it should be wide-screen), as this would make the speeds of each direction vastly different.

I just go with a 6. Not too fast, not too slow.

Its not an issue with the game, its your controller. Microsoft controllers blow and turn slow in random directions. Just do a few googles on ‘No slow’ controllers.

in halo 2 and 3 i played on 7. but after reach came out i had to tone it down to 5 because reach relies way more on accuracy than previous halo games.
in halo 2 and 3, there was way more auto-aim. so you could afford to miss a few BR rounds. but in games like halo ce and reach, the main weapon (DMR) is single shot, so missing one shot is a big deal and not as forgiving.