Controller Sensitivity?

What sensitivity are you running at, and how does it compare to the other games?

Mine’s 2 in H4 and Reach, 1 in all the others.

3, default.

I’ve been playing on this sensitivity since Halo: CE.

In Halo 4 I use 3, in reach I used 4 or 5, and In the other games 6.

  1. I wish there something in between, like slight adjustments. 3 is too slow but i retain accuracy. 4 is fast enough but my accuracy drops.

I’m also 4.

I think a Pro said that that is what they did. So I copied them. :stuck_out_tongue:

It ended up being the most comfortable for me.

  1. Got used to using it more and more gradually so I’m comfortable with the extra speed now.


8 is too slippery.

It changes each day.

Sometimes 5…Other days I’d like to be completely rock solid. Usually on the Holidays I’d like to go with a 15. If I’m feeling lucky I’d go with a 1/0.

10 Sensitivity or all halos

4 right now, 3 if i havent played in a long time. dont know how u play with 1 sensitivity lol

I should probably up to 10 like i used to play in halo 3.