Controller sensitivity settings are way to slow!

Currently the highest sensitivity settings on controller are 10 horizontal and 10 vertical, but these feel more in line with what 5 sensitivity would be like, what’s worse is the vertical sensitivity maxed out is significantly slower than the already slow horizontal speed.
Higher options must be added as mouse and keyboard has the options to do full 360 turns in split seconds and can aim how they want, while on controller it feels like your look thumbstick is stuck in mud!

Please add at least another 10 settings higher so that it actually feels viable for those of us who actually enjoy high sensitivity.

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You are a beast. I play on 2/3 aha.

Alot of people are saying the same. I hope they come out and address the issue soon so we at least know changes are coming and we arent wasting our time. Im ready to stop playing until its changed. Extremely slow unresponsive max sensitivity with a different speed for horizontal and vertical even when set to the same value with built in look acceleration. Its easily the worst controlling fps ive ever played which is sad because i enjoy the game.

Yeah I’ve played on 10 10 sensitivity since the flights. Cant believe this is the max speed the game allows us to look on controller. Thought it sucked since the flight

I definitely noticed it on default settings, way way slow and I typically have played games with the default settings.

This Halo is the first where I had to boost the sensitivity right out of the gate.