Controller sensitivity bug on Halo Infinite!

You have made a great Halo game here, let make it even better!

There is a bug for PC players that play on controller. Mainly the sensitivity would just increase x3 even though the settings are the same in game. I thought i was going crazy, but when i talked to other players with same setup they confirm having the same issue, so its not isolated case with me. This is extremely frustrating and has cost me ranked games!

I think something happens when we ALT-TAB out of the game and come back into it. Workaround now is not to ALT-TAB which is super annoying and inconvenient. Please address this ASAP.

Also since your latest patch, i been getting more crashes then before and server drops. Please add ability to rejoin ranked matches! Its very frustrating to get disconnected from server and not have option to join back in.

My PC:
WIN 10 Pro
CPU: Intel 4770K
Memory: 16GB
GPU: RTX 2060 Super