Controller right stick not working now

Playing the flight on Xbox series x. Game crashed and now every time I try to play. My right stick will not aim up. I can look left/right/down but never up. Switched to inverted controls and same issue can’t aim up.

Tried to reinstall flight twice and no fix. Any of you had this issue?

Just had the same issue. Hadn’t had a problem with it, but just played my first game since the Saturday update that added the new map. Submitted a ticket to halo support, but no solution yet.

that is interesting first im hearing of this. Im on the xbox one S havent had anything like that what controller are u two using?

I’m using the regular wireless controller that came with the series x. However, I think I solved it. After I posted this I started looking around and it appears the update changed a lot of my controller settings… I was on “custom” button layout, and various other options were different than when I played last. Just reset all that and played 2 games fine. Dumb that I didn’t notice that when looking at the settings menus at first, but there are just so many options now that it’s a bit overwhelming.

Might have spoke too soon. Overall the right stick is working again. But randomly during games the zoom (right stick push for me) will just randomly stop working. A couple other buttons have randomly stopped working and then start working again a few seconds later. A bit bizarre, but I don’t think it’s my controller acting up.