Controller players why? 343 please take this into your consideration

Why are controller players against a small aim assist nerf? It just makes KBM more viable for esports and it’ll require more skill when going controller vs controller.

I’m willing to accept that controller players should have like a 5% extra accuracy compared to KBM to compensate for the lack of movement but 10-15% is ridiculous and you’re just pushing away a big chunk of your player base if nothing changes.
Why would you advocate against having KBM as viable as controller? The top controller players will still be at the top why would you prefer for the game to aim for you instead of showing your skill?

We should try to bring as many players together, balance updates can be done every couple of weeks to make sure that everything is balanced, we’re not asking for special treatment we just want a fair fight and the goal should be to have the same number of controller and KBM players at the top so that everybody is happy and the game thrives as it should.

I hope 343 is taking this into consideration before it’s too late, the game already dropped by around 30% on Steam and I have friends which quit after getting destroyed by controller players with constant 55%+ accuracy in diamond.


How about no nerfing of any method that’s used to play the game and a simple option for input based matchmaking

There is no balance to be achieved between these drastically different inputs and trying to balance it makes the game less fun for everyone


What your’e saying is: let the esport scene be dominated by Controller players and KBM should be for fun.

This way you’re alienating half of your player base in the long run and giving other games the chance to do this properly, why would you want that? Why wouldn’t you try to bring competitive KBM and Controller players together and grow the playerbase? In the long run everybody wins by doing this.

Patch updates can be done every week to find that sweet spot in which Onyx is populated by KBM and Controller equaly.


Because there is no competition to be had between kbm and controller players. It’s 2 different worlds and there is no sweet spot, 1 will be better than the other and the top players will mostly gravitate to that.

None of this was an issue before crossplay even became a thing and while I’m glad that we can play with our friends on other systems, I don’t want to play with controller players when I’m playing alone because people are generally much more accurate on controller than they would ever be on KBM and it lessens the skill gap among the playerbase when there is a higher baseline accuracy.

Another issue with patch updates is that competitive players thrive on consistency and being able to practice so they can hone their skills. That’s much harder to do if the balance is just arbitrarily thrown out of whack.


Your argument isn’t objective, there actually exists a sweet spot between those 2 and it’s very easy to track it and find it, and that’s by doing small adjustments until you get there.

Warzone/Fortnite(not a fan) for example is viable for both KBM and Controller from what I see or they’re doing updates and trying to get there.

As a controller player how can you feel “good” or “better” by beating people with 45% accuracy which is godly on KBM while you can push up to 60%?

Updates can also be done every season so you won’t be impacting competitive players or tournaments; if really nobody wants to adress this the only other solution would be to have separate tournaments for KBM and Controller which I don’t see happening and you’re just separating your community.

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Controllers initially are at a greater disadvantage by default. The deadzone, sensitivity, acceleration, and latency with a controller puts pc players at a greater advantage INITIALLY!

however as stated above, the INITIAL setting on controllers is straight up hot dumpster water. Without changing settings I was lucky to see maybe 20-25% accuracy while pc players are zoomin around the map grapple hooking everyone and dominating every match.

But once I fine tuned controller settings my accuracy, and movement significantly increased! And I still don’t know what aim assist you PC players are talking about cause aim assist is not active unless the reticle is red, at which point you would have had to get close enough that any decent PC player would destroy you before aim assist becomes active.

For controller players looking to fine tune their settings

Step1) go to YouTube

Step2) search halo infinite controller settings

Step3) watch a couple videos on controller settings taking note of sensitivity, dead zones, acceleration, etc.

Step4) adjust your setting as required to achieve a more snappy and smooth aim on controller

Step5) Enjoy


There’s nothing wrong with the current aim assist, it was made to make up for the huge disadvantage controller players have.
It’s a lot harder to aim with a controller, I can vouch for that as someone who played high level shooters on PC and recently switched to Xbox to play halo.
In competitive play people can still choose whether or not they want to use a controller.
Even with aim assist, the flexibility of MBK still makes that MBK players are in an advantage.


Really egoistic and small minded idea. tbh.

Halo has a competetive scene (but you can choose Input device in ranked, wich makes any nerfs or buffs redundant) but 343i said also they want so much new player play the game as possible. For there the controller aiming must feel accessible (it’s not case atm) Don’t get me wrong, i don’t want the game is too casual but a certain accesebility is necessary for a F2P shooter to succed.

No buff or nerf is needed for any input device. 343i have add just more options to turn crossplay off and options to choose input devices for social too. So everybody can select to play only against platforms and/or input devices they want to.

Crossplay should be seen just as a nice to have feature, because it will never be possible to balance such different input devices.

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It just makes the controllers less sucky to use.

Less AA in ranked I can understand or even appreciate, but I’d rather not wake up tomorrow and realize that everything is harder to shoot in social modes.

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This guy gets it, seriously aim assist is ONLY active when the reticle is red, try it out an tell me how reliable it is, try it out and tell me how close you have to be to someone for the reticle to turn red and activate assist.

It’s not easy and is pretty level, balanced, and fair. As someone who’s used both inputs, playing with controller on halo infinite is like playing any other game with aim assist turned off.

OP needs to jump of the twitch streamer band wagon of crying about controller players aim assist


I’m not talking about below average casual players here, I’m talking about the competitive long term state of the game. As a competitive KBM player why would you invest your time into this game?

Please take a look or search the accuracy graph for Halo:
reddit /r/CompetitiveHalo/comments/r3e7ie/accuracy_stats_for_kbm_vs_controller/

Also please search on youtube “Halo infinite aim assist” and you’ll see plenty of examples of the crosshair sticking to the player AND that’s the part that needs adjustment!

As long as 60-65% accuracy is considered a fair deal when playing against KBM with 45-50% the community won’t thrive at all and slowly only controller players will remain in the competitive scene and you’ll be wondering soon why this game will slowly die or get left behind on twitch, esports and tournament prize pool’s.

Keep saying that KBM is better while in all the existing Halo esport scene there isn’t A SINGLE KBM player.

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I do get your concern, this has been an topic of discussion for many games where crossplay is enabled.
However nerfing the aim assist will probably lose a lot more player than not doing so will.
Halo is originally an Xbox game, so most of the audience will come from this platform.

The aim assist is made on such a level that normally it should be fairly balanced.
Just for example: if I play in mixed playlists I get killed more so I focus on controller only playlists.
My rank here is a lot higher!


controller should always beat kbm in halo, it is bad enough having to deal with kbm tryhards zooming around 180 degrees in 0.000001 seconds every time they hear my spartan fart, and while controller has an easy time aiming with most weapons, sniping is a different story. I plugged in a mouse to my xbox and it was a million times easier to snipe than it is with controller, so there are tradeoffs


I rest my case, enjoy your game lads! I hope you feel good for always beating KBM players maybe they’ll soon all go, don’t ask us to come back.


I just think you should take in account movement on a keyboard is a lot easier.
With movement I mean moving sideways in a quick manner and crouching.
Both movements are crucial to have good games and to “trick” your enemy in missing shots.
Aim assists is made to compensate for that, but it’s not a clear indicator of better aim.
Once you reach a certain level people will just hit shots more…

Did I not say that BOTH controller and KBM should be equally in the top competitive scene? I didn’t say equal accuracy for both Controller and KBM I said that at the moment 15% extra accuracy for controller is a bit much how can you not agree on that? It’s pure facts just check the Halo esport tournaments there’s no single KBM player.

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So your complaining about KBM not having a advantage and not being good enough? Cause every controller players I’ve seen has been lucky to average 50% accuracy maybe one game. If anything it’s the KBM players with a 15-25% advantage.

This, Having any sort of advantage as KBM just proves you are wrong. So what do you want? 75,80,85, or 100 percent accuracy? Cause if that’s what you want you can go be like the rest of the PC dumpster children and download software.

Seriously, controller is harder, the default settings are trash, it takes some serious fine tuning to even come close to resembling smooth, crisp, and snappy controller aim that exists in many other games on today’s market

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I don’t understand why PC players are complaining about the poor amount of aim assist that feels almost non-existant on console/controller. PC/K&M always have an absurd amount of advantage in shooters. Crossplay should be optional, I personally feel its niche and nice only on the point of more people can play together if you dont share a system in common but the skill gaps between are too drastic. Make it simple, make the option to disable crossplay in normal games and everyone will be happy.

Plus, as a side note Halo has always had decently higher aim assist due to its a very accuracy-based game. If anything Controller needs advantage over KnM simply because that is the original platform.

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I disagree about this idea of their being a “sweet spot” as you are basically taking people who are playing 2 different games and smashing them together. This is like having a professional golf player and a UFC fighter competing in the same tournament despite the fact that 1 guy is playing is golf and the other guy is fighting. It’s absurd

I stopped playing warzone because of controller players always having perfect tracking and accuracy in close quarters and it became less fun because of it. The game would have been better if I was simply able to only play with other KBM users.

As a controller players, you can feel good by beating other controller players.

Separate tournaments have been done for kbm and controller players in the past so I see no reason why it can’t be done here and it should be done here as having more inputs available creates more variables. It’s like playing baseball but 1 guy is using a wood bat but the other is using a wider wooden board. Its makes no sense to have a competition between people who are doing different things

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I’ll preface this by saying I could be entirely wrong about this, but…

I feel like this could simply be because MKB is so new to Halo. All the existing pros already have been playing Halo with controller for years. (I assume, possibly incorrectly) it will take some time for MKB players to get enough practice with Infinite to hit the competitive scene, but I feel like they will show up soon enough.

This is not to downplay the differences between the two inputs, I just feel like maybe a lot of MKB players that have the skills to make it in the competitive scene, are either still playing games they’ve been playing competitively for years (like Warzone and Fartnite), or are currently working on their Infinite skills, but are just not good enough yet to hit the Infinite competitive scene.