Controller layout?

If you were to chose one controller layout to use for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? I"m thinking about changing my layout to perform better so give me your thoughts.

I’d go with the Halo 4 control scheme simply because I am comfortable with it.

Many seem to recommend Bumper Jumper for more competitive play, however.

Recon because I’ve been playing Halo 3 all the time during its prime. So it become my standard control.

I can only play with recon because it’s based off the original, but it’s useless in Halo 5 when you can’t even pound with it. Every slaughter monkey I know uses bumper jumper. I tried it in H4 just long enough to understand that it’s more competitive than recon (especially now in this game), but I just couldn’t ever get it to be instinctive so for me there was ultimately no advantage.

I’m only comfortable with the Recon controls since I first played Halo 3 in my life.

I always ran default works for me I use to rank onyx so I guess it works in halos bad ranking system

I use bumper jumper with the elite controller.

I caved and bought an elite controller as well. But I use the Halo 4 layout and remapped crouch and grenade select to the paddles under the controller so I don’t have to remove my thumbs from the thumb sticks at all. The elite controller is awesome. I only have two complaints the trigger lock buttons should be easier to select and the vibration has vibrated loose and makes a somewhat annoying noise now.

bumper jumper. though i use an elite controller, i literally just mapped ABXY to the back paddles. xD

I’ve been Green Thumb since Halo CE, but in Halo 5 I didn’t like the Green Thumb controls.

I remapped there buttons for a while, but got tired changing my buttons to play any other game so then I tried recon and Halo 4 set up. They didn’t feel right. Halo 5 controls feel so different then past Halos and zooming in in Halo 5 is such a big thing, so because of this I finally decided to try fishstick. I still use it and feel it’s the best for a default configuration. The best choice is Elite control which one day I’ll get.

If you want to change your layout for performance reasons, I would say either Bumper Jumper or Hell Jumper. The reason for this is that it keeps your thumbs on the sticks so you can always be precise with your movement. Anytime you take your thumbs off the sticks to hit a button (A, B, X, Y) you lose momentary control over the position of your Spartan or your reticle. This is important to always have control over, especially in gunfights.

I personally use a highly customized Bumper Jumper layout on my Elite controller with all paddles attached and in use. The only fingers I don’t use are my little fingers, and the only fingers I need to move are my index from trigger to bumper occasionally. If I had to recommend anything, I would say try to learn Bumper Jumper. I think it is more advantageous than Hell Jumper. Even without the Elite controller customization.

I listen to the commentary regarding controller layout but I have played the default setting since day 1. is there any benefit to changing now? it will definitely wreck my game. maybe I should go to hell jumper or bumper jumper and play campaign till i am “converted”… thoughts?

helljumper bcuz to me it feels like my fingers can get to certain buttons faster

Halo 4, because my first game was Reach (though I went back and played the other ones shortly after). Because of this, I’ve always associated X with reload, and RB with melee. Getting used to the default in 4 was a bit of a learning curve, don’t get me wrong, but eventually I found myself screwing up in Reach when I needed to sprint and crouched instead or needed to crouch and switched nades instead. It just feels the most comfortable to me. I also use Reclaimer in MCC.

I use the helljumper layout. It’s pretty much like bumper jumper with zoom on the left trigger,melee on the right stick,and grenade on the right bumper.