Controller Layout Letdowns <Boxer>

Button Layout: Boxer
Melee and Throw Grenade are swapped. Sprint and Crouch are also swapped.
–Halo 4
The above is the in-game description for the Boxer Layout. At first, it is saying, “Hey, Halo Fan, guess what? Boxer is back and just like it used to be!” Only it doesn’t stop there. It goes on to say, “Oh, I almost forgot, we decided to totally ruin the Layout by also swapping Sprint and Crouch! Your Welcome, and thanks for your trust!”
I just want to know why 343i added such an unnecessary afterthought to the Boxer Layout.
I’ve used Boxer ever since it was an option and I vehemently dislike the Halo 4 version the Layout. In case you don’t know, this change makes it so that the B Button is used for Sprint instead of clicking the Left Stick like every other Layout (excluding Bumper Jumper and Recon)*. I find this addition to be unnecessary and inconvenient.
This addition to the Boxer Layout is unnecessary because it has nothing to do with the goal of the Layout, which is getting Melee to the Left Trigger. Another reason why this change is unnecessary is because 343i could have just made a separate Layout to swap Crouch and Sprint–as no other Layout serves just that purpose. And don’t give me any nonsense about how that would result in an over abundance of Layouts. If Green Thumb and Fishstick can both be in the game (which they are despite their similarities) then Boxer doesn’t need to swap Crouch and Sprint as well as its intended function.
The change is also inconvenient because of the way it makes the me–and I’m assuming others–hold the controller in order to be ready to sprint when needed. Holding the controller in a way that allows me to press the B Button at anytime causes me mild irritation–and eventually pain–in my right hand. This is especially a problem since sprint is a toggle feature when set to a Face Button, which makes it so turning sprint on and off requires twice the button presses.
Is anyone else a long time Boxer user who dislikes this change to the Layout?

This wouldn’t even be an issue if console games had remappable keys/buttons. No, I’m not making a comment about PC glory or anything like that, I’m just saying that if a game like Star Wars: Battlefront for the last generation of consoles can have remappable keys, why can’t new games–like Halo 4–let me make my own controller layouts?

  • Bumper Jumper and Recon also require the player to press awkward buttons in order to sprint, A and X respectively, the difference with these Layouts; however, is that they each only have one button swap–unlike Boxer which has two.

Compared to what my friend had to deal with learning bumper jumper, maybe this Boxer isn’t so bad.

I agree the boxer mess up is bad. It makes the boxer layout unusable and I have used that setting through all of the halo games. Pretty bummed, I am hoping 343 offers a change.