Controller layout Change with duel wield

Ok, so I’ve been thinking about this a while. I found a solution to duel wield a weapon and through a grenade at the same time. take a look

LT: Fire RT: Fire
LB: Through Grenade RT: Melee

Y: Switch
X: Action/Grenade Switch B: Crouch
A: Jump

Lj: Movement/Use Armor Ability Rj: Look/Zoom

D-Pad(symbols example) Up= ^, Down= v, Left= <, Right = >

Hide Ordinance Module

<Left Weapon Reload Right Weapon Reload>

Free Action w/ Hidden Module


Well the original reason dual wield didn’t include throwing grenades was that Bungie though it was over powered so they cut it.

I don’t think 343 will change that.

I just want to add my own controls like i do on my PC…