Controller lay-out

Good day 343i,

Is there any chance that you are going to make some small change to the controller lay-out? The lay-out that I used in Reach was ‘recon’ and I don’t think it is realistic to sprint with the x-button or the A-button by 'bumper jumper’in Halo 4. Is there any chance you could switch the ‘sprint button’ with the ‘armor ability button’, so you could sprint with ‘LB’ and use armor ability with ‘X’ by the Recon controlls. Sorry for the bad english though

Thank you for making this game

Best regards

I hope they do.

Either or would be good for me :confused: I can see sprint working with either button, and I can see armour ability working with either button as well. (I too am a Recon guy)

I think we’re capible to adapt as the control scheme is largely the same from reach. All we have to do is just get used to using the X button as our sprint button. (Recon user too)

You should post this in the many threads already discussing the issue.
Welcome to waypoint btw

Personally Ill be running bumper jumper. Loved it in Halo 3, I’ll love it in Halo 4. Really wish 343i implements a way too personalize button layouts to your liking in the future so it can fit your play style. Looking forward to Halo 4 and beyond Woop!