Controller lag or input lag

I’ve been playing halo reach on both Xbox and pc and I’ve noticed that my controller feels like it’s about 5-10ms off on the Xbox one x even though I have a 1ms response time gaming monitor, I just wanna know if anyone else seems to be having this weird issue. Also I want to bring this to the attention of 343, I love this game and just wanna have a smooth experience.

yeah the controls feel super sluggish. on mouse it feels fine but on controller it feels like im dragging my crosshair through mud.

I’m not sure if that’s how the game used to feel either I just want it to feel like when I move my thumb stick I would get a response faster on my screen maybe it’s just me.

it definitely felt more responsive when i played on xbox one with a 60 hz monitor in 2014. Im playing on a pc with 240 hz now so it shouldnt really feel worse… lol

Maybe it’s something they messed up while adding keyboard and mouse cause as of now I like playing on that more then I do controller…