Controller Input Delay

So this is something I’ve noticed happening ever since I started doing multi-player with the more recent halo games. I have noticed that while playing in 1080p the response from the input on my controller is delayed. I can’t say by exactly how much but it’s a good millisecond or so. However I tried hooking it up to my monitor and it seemed to work just fine. This has happened on both Xbox 360 and One. At first I thought or figured it was outdated graphics or processing with the 360 however after playing the MCC on a 55 inch with 1080p I still notice this delay. However if I move to my monitor (27 inch hans g) it’s snappy and quick to respond on the spot. My friend describes the effect as muddy. I wanted to know if this is something to deal with the refresh rate of the tv (a certain htz like 120+)

  1. Does anyone else have this issue
  2. Can you explain it a bit more?

Better to play on a monitor.
TVs are bad for playing .
Just google it for more infos. its called: Input Lag

Like Riptor said, TVs generally have high input lag. Refresh rate does not affect the delay between button press and response, it just makes the action more fluid.

You might be able to find your TV’s input lag in the link below. They also briefly explain input lag:

Use a VGA cable if you have the option. Can’t remember if The One has a VGA option

Your tv might have a “Game Mode” where it turns off some of the post processing to reduce the input lag. Give a look in the options.

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> Your tv might have a “Game Mode” where it turns off some of the post processing to reduce the input lag. Give a look in the options.

This usually works as it takes off all of the extra processing your tv does and just shows the picture as it’s supposed to be.

game mode is not always the best.
on my old tv i had an unplayable input lag.
just turn off all like: Trumotion etc.

But the best is to play on a PC Monitor, because FPS need fast reflax , movement etc.
i play on a Asus vx238h and is one of the best to play on a console. its cheap too.

TV’s typically do a lot of image processing that a monitor usually doesn’t…things like image sharpening, contrast enhancement, etc. High refresh LED’s (120Hz, 240Hz, etc.) typically do something called frame interpolation, which requires buffering entire frames internally in order to do it’s motion smoothing before sending those frames to the panel. All of these things lead to display lag.

Some televisions allow for a game mode that disables a lot of this stuff. Some tv’s will disable this stuff if you change the label on the input to PC or similar, or use a specific input on the set. Some require you to manually disable all this stuff. Some won’t let you disable them at all. You will have to look for some documentation on your TV in order to find out which, if any, of these methods will work for you.

Forgot about that vga option. Thanks for the input though. It’s probably the most annoying thing in the world for fps players. Especially with halo when you need that instant response time. Thanks guys. I’ll probably just use a vga or my monitor from now on.