Controller disconnecting (unsure if related)

Since I started playing the Master Chief Collection I’ve been experiencing issues with my controllers randomly disconnecting during gameplay and are unable to reconnect unless if I restart the entire console. While this may just be a hardware issue on my part I don;t want to rule anything out. Is anyone else experiencing problems similar to this since the game was released?

Try updating your controller, then a hard restart as well.

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> Try updating your controller, then a hard restart as well.

Did that and still no improvements. This is pretty bizarre.

I have a similar problem that is related to the gaming headset adapter. Are you using one?

Nope, just a regular Xbox One headset.

It seems as if the common thread is that primary controller disconnect = hard reboot required.

The reason your controller disconnects is different than mine (mine was self-inflicted), but results in the same [annoying] actions being necessary.

I have been experiencing this problem as well as of recent for the last four days. but only when I have halo mcc running otherwise everything seems fine. its been doing this with all my controllers four of them. I personaly belive this to be a bug that’ hasn’t been addressed or fixed, cause as it stands when I don’t have halo running everything works fine, on other threads ive read such as on reddit or on here, and after consulting the xbove support forums and web pages to address this problem, (including following the steps to fix the supposed problem nothing has fixed this, ive heard that it has to do with the controller being in view of the Kinect sensor but if that were true, my controllers would have done this in the past, as my controllers never had a problem till now. hopefully 343 will fix and address this issue soon as I belive it to be releated game wise