Controller Custom Bindings Bugs

Ex MCC dev here!

Noticed some Gamepad Bindings bugs & UX issues that prevent dual functionality from working.

  1. Bug: Vehicle Bindings incorrectly de-map other buttons non-vehicle controls.
  • Example: Boost/E-Brake are set to Left Trigger. Grenade for the Passenger is ALSO set to Left Trigger.

If we rebind the e-brake, the remap removes the “dupe” for the Grenades, and we can no longer use this.

My guess is that the remap dupe check is flagged by category, and since they’re both under “vehicles”, they are treated the same.

  1. UX: Drop Weapon/Switch Weapon has a hold function in-vehicles, but not for bipeds.
  • Users need to waste an entire button on-foot (when it’s most needed/useful) to keep Drop Weapon handy, but the Vehicle Passenger can drop holding the binding.

Expected: Add Hold to Drop Weapon to on-foot control biding for Swap Weapon (match Passenger).

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