Controller Connection Issues

Anyone having issues connecting any controller to Halo MCC?. I recently got the game with no issues and my Bitdo SN30 pro connected with it without a problem. My Xbox and Playstation controllers also worked without a problem. Then something happened yesterday and now Halo doesn’t connect with any controllers. I tested if I messed up my controllers/settings but they work with all my other games/apps including the Xbox companion app. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled halo didn’t do anything and I’ve attempted to get halo added to steam so I could use big picture mode. Halo doesn’t seem to exist to steam. I’ve tried manually adding it to steam only for it to redirect me to microsoft gaming services when I try opening again. Did another uninstall and reinstall to keep testing and nothing else seems to work. I don’t see any reason why my controllers wouldn’t connect to halo and really need help trying to get this to work.