Controller Configuration Suggestion

I’m a big fan of having the jump button being mapped to the left bumper. The best configuration that supports this, but keeps most of the other controls similar to other shooters is Helljumper. However, having the action/reload stuck to the B button, sprint mapped to the A button, crouch mapped to L3, and dash mapped to the X button makes using that config less intuitive.

I’d love to see that modified slightly. Sprint to L3, crouch to B, action/reload to X, and Dash to A.

I looked into purchasing an elite controller, but shy of shelling out $250+ on ebay right now, those things won’t be available again for another month.

Not that a new control scheme will be implemented any time soon, but for future reference, I think that control scheme would be great and get a lot of use from players in the community.

I love bumper-jumper. Allows me to be the jumping -Yoink- in arena.

A hybrid of bumper jumper and recon would be the perfect layout. I’m hoping either the new customization app will support the existing controllers, or 343i will accommodate this in game.