Controller aiming is a serious issue

It feels so off. I dunno if they turned down the assist or messed with the values or what, but it straight up does not feel good to play on a controller right now.


Agreed. There are so many controller options too. Does anyone have good settings they think makes the controller feel better?


I am on a controller and it feels great to me what platform are you on? Just Curious.


Yeah it feels like there next to no aim assist. I’m on Xbox One.


Feels about the same as 5’s AA to me. Light, but noticeable. Doesn’t steal your aim with stickiness like 3 did.


Same here, the aim still feels wonky since the last flight, if not more so? I played around with the settings a little. It feels a bit better after that but still off in comparison to every other title.


I don’t have an issue with it. It’s much better than it was in the flight IMO.

After watching the following video in the last flight two times and today one more time (to get in my “brain” wich setting what do), i was able to find good settings: www.youtubeDOTcom/watch?v=U_Rp39R6jsg (i can’t post links, replace DOT with . )

Here are my setting (for FOV100):

Look Accelaration 5
Look Sensi (horizontal) 4
Look Sensi (vertical) 4
Zoom Level 1.0 (it’s a multiplier for you “normal” sensi)

Move Thumbstick
Center Deadzone 2.0
Max input Threshold 0.0
Axial Deadzone 0.0

Look Thumbstick
Center Deadzone 2.0
Max Input Threshold 4.0
Axial Deadzone 0.0

Keep in mind that look sensi, is just your maximal speed you can achieve, the accelaration is the real “speed” of looking/aiming. The guy in the video explains it better than me.

Every player has different habits and occurences, i don’t know if my settings can help you and others, but at least you can try it, and watch the video i posted, it can help.

EDIT: I don’t think AA is the problem, it’s noticable, rather the aiming feels sometimes kind of inconsistent.

I’m in the minority I guess…I think the aim assist is strong.

Aren’t all halos before 5 at acceleration 0 by default?

I am even considering deleting the game…already.
The Controller is that broken for me, pretty much in every possible way.

I use 1.5 sensitivity in MCC Collection.

On the OG games on xbox and xbox360 i don’t know anymore. On MCC it was not on 0 i think, i think it was on 3 or4, but i’m not sure.

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Ah, well anyway. Everyone’s different I guess. I play with it at the lowest and turned my sens at 6 or 6.5. Feels nice and snappy whereas with any bit of acceleration it just doesn’t feel right for me. Feels sluggish.