Controller Aiming Help

I feel like I can’t get a comfortable grip on the Xbox Controller anymore and I feel like it makes my aim inconsistent in H5. Where do you guys place your middle finger on the back of the controller (up on the back ridge, in groove on the handle of the controller, etc…) I feel like every time I pick it up now I just can’t find a comfortable grip anymore… Maybe my hands are bigger now. Any help would be appreciated. (Sens 4, Look Accel 2)

I can’t find my sweet spot with my grip. My aim is super inconsistent in every game. I keep picking up my 360 remote and the X1’s notice the subtle differences, and wish they hadn’t changed a thing. My friends keep telling me i’ll get use to it, but it’s been 6 months.

Oh yeah, it can be a pain when your stick suddenly feels more sensitive and your reticle flie by the guy even though you’ve been learning the controls for a good few months… It never feels perfects

I play with a claw grip or with my middle finger on the trigger most times