Controller aim assist through walls?


I recently got back into halo infinite and was sliding around in my gold spartan suit… having some fun. However @343, I noticed something odd with the physics of infinite-I was getting slight aim assist on opponents when they were behind walls!!!

For example, I was at top mid moving my reticle along the wall to yellow utility and noticed a slight slow down of my reticle and pulling magnetism (aim assist) for a nanosecond at the wall in front of yellow utility. I was a bit like “huh” and thought is there a guy in there? Sure enough a guy walked right out to dynamos and I began observing it a bit more closely.

Several times in that I noticed that the aim assist was working through walls! And so, i thought I would share that with the community for confirmation and 343 in hopes of a bug fix and possibly some improvement to the physics…. As this could be an underlying coding issue.

Currently, my setup is a sweet Xbox series s with a controller.

Lmk if anyone else notices this or maybe I have been mistaken.

Thanks 343 for the free game and all your hard work.


Veteran Spartan