Controller Aim Assist STILL needs tweaking

Said it before, I’ll say it again. But controller gameplay, Needs SLIGHT buffing. The AR and BR is fine for the most part. But God Almighty the pistol and especially the commando make me frown when I see it on the weapon rack and not the BR.

Out of Curiosity, how does everyone feel about Sniping in this game? Something about that compared to 3 and Reach feels strange.

Sniping is fine at range, but feels impossible under pressure. I think that’s because no scopes and quickscopes are much harder. I don’t want H4 or H2A Snipers but it should be a tad easier I think as otherwise there’s literally no point in me picking it up on a map like Live Fire.

I’d say that I find the Sidekick and Commando to be absolutely fine. Would potentially extend the RRR on the Sidekick slightly.