Control Schemes in Halo 5: Guardians

As I’m sure many of you are aware, Green Skull has recently posted a video showing the majority of control schemes in H5G.

A question I have whether or not there’s a legitimate reason as to why we were not able to map control schemes our selves 10 years ago with Halo 2. It’s a choice that’s always baffled me in the console industry.

What do you think about the setups? Which one will you use?

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I need to check that vid…

I think they need to change the controller layout a bit this is how i would play:
Left trigger: Smart scope
Right trigger: Fire weapon
Left Bumper: throw grenade
Right Bumper: Truster pack
Left Stick: Movement/Sprinting
Right Stick: Looking/Melee/Spartan Charge
A: Jump/Clamber
B: Crouch/Ground pound/slide
X: Reload
Y: Switch Weapons