Control groups and all units still broken guys

Don’t worry I’ve done extensive testing on your behalf. I found why the control groups aren’t working. Suppose I have two marines standing in front of my base at the start. They are put into group 1. I build a new marine and would like to add him. Naturally my marines are off elsewhere but they are all in the same group. So I just hit all units and all units doesn’t work…right. So I scroll over to the new marine add him to selection and then add him to group 1. Now he is the only person in the control group. Why? Because if you have a unit selected that is already in the control group they get removed. So because the two marines were selected that were already in the group, the action to add the new guy to the group removed all the old ones. This bug is kind of surprising to see considering Halo Wars DE does not have any such problem. In fact Halo Wars DE lets you press tab to cycle through your units and doesn’t force you to mouse wheel like a heathen. Oh yeah…fix that. Mouse wheel? Literally the only thing mouse wheel should be doing is zooming in. And you want me to hold alt to zoom in? Are you nuts? I press alt to alt tab so alt tabbing messes up the camera every time.

And of course all units just simply doesn’t work. I have tried very hard to figure out why it is broken, but I just can’t get it to be consistent. It will select all for a bit then it selects none. It selects none but then suddenly it’ll select a random assortment of other units. I’ve tried making sure all units were visible, I’ve tried making no units visible, I’ve tried pressing it very infrequently, I’ve tried spamming it, I’ve tried making sure they were in control groups, then I tried no control groups, and guys I can’t figure this one out. The button to select all units just seems to actually select all units if it feels like it. I feel like it tosses a coin on each unit to decide whether or not it gets selected.

Seems like 343 has proven they really don’t care about community, feedback, or support. What kind of company doesn’t allow any kind of official support whatsoever? No email, no support ticket, nothing but a -Yoink- faq.