Contrasting: The Semi-Auto/Burst fire rifles!

Hey guys!

I decided to make a video showcasing the abilities of each of the high powered battle rifles in Halo 4’s multiplayer.

The video shows an unbiased look at the weapons and their the carnage they deal on the battlefield.

Check the video out here: Click me!

Thanks for checking it out guys!

Thanks for the video! I had an idea of the number of shots needed to kill per weapon, and I’ve always thought the Lightrifle was a tad more powerful than its equivalents from other races. So when I came to these forums, I was a bit surprised at the fuss over the DMR and BR. From the video we can see that the DMR and BR have the same number of shots to kill and are very much balanced compared to the Carbine and Lightrifle. I can’t understand the complaints.