Contradictory unlock conditions for Vanguard

I find several conditions for unlocking the Vanguard armor on various websites.

At one place I read that Vanguard is unlocked by getting the Forerunner Enemy Master commendation, which I guess is the Forerunner Destroyer commendation since there is no Forerunner Enemy commendation.

Somewhere else I read that Vanguard is unlocked by earning the Flag Victory commendation and Vanguard Converge is unlocked via the Flag Victory Master commendation. And here I thought Flag Victory and Flag Victory Master was essentially the same thing. Armors are most often unlocked by reaching the highest level in an commendation.

Contradictory indeed. And there seems to be no website online displying all the unlock conditions for all armors…

Anyone got this one yet? Some Caprture The Flag Pro? :slight_smile:

Vanguard is unlocked by getting Forerunner Destroyer. It’s listed under Enemies in the commendations.

Thx for your quick reply.

I’m with you on this one, but that would essentially mean that numerous sites that state that the unlock conditions for the Vanguard armor is Forerunner Enemy Master are wrong.

Clearly, there is no Forerunner Enemy Master, only Destroyer.

It would be “Forerunner Destroyer - Master” and “Flag Victory - Master” Master is the level of the commendation. Some of the levels are: Novice, Adept, Proficient, Master. Commendations either have 5 or 7 levels. At the Commendation screen you should see a (“your level”/5 or7) to the right of the desctripton. Once both numbers match you’ll be at the Master level.

You get the normal armor from forerunner destroyer, for the skinned vanguard it is flag victory master.