Continuous crashes for no reasons,any help?

Hello guys,i wanted to share to you one particular problem that emerged like 10 mins ago
I was playing trying my best to do the new event when all of a sudden it crashes,it’s not the first time and well no problem,i start it again and it crashes again after 5 mins into the game…I try one last time and it did the same thing…The question is,there is a solution?And i am the only one experiencing this?
Thanks and i hope somebody has a fix or can help with it
Pc specs:
Ryzen 5 2600x
16GB Rams
GTX 1060 6gb

The GTX 1060 is far too low to be able to run with any efficiency. When the initial ‘non’ beta previews were released, the 1090 that I had had a lot of problems, where it would be sluggish after an hour or so. I would reset, play again, either same time, or less time, or just immediately did it. I upgraded to a 3090, and it’s doing fine. I can nearly guarantee it’s the graphics card.

It runs at 100fps etc and i’m sure it’s not the GPU,some friends with the 3080 have the same issue so the blame it’s not on it
And of course soon i’ll upgrade it
However,thanks for the respond :smiley:

Dude, your graphics card is literally less than mine, and less than the recommended minimum specs, and you want to argue and say it’s not the GPU? Okay bro, have fun. Guarantee that’s the issue, and I’ll be awaiting a ‘you were right’ in the future.

It was synapse that was making it crashing over and over,problem fixed
Sorry for not answering again but i found the problem so :’)

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Glad you got it sorted! I especially loved the part where you ripped the 3090 ‘enjoyer’ a new one with an actual fix to the solution that wasn’t ‘get a 3090 lmao’

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