Continuing Decline of Multiplayer Quality

I’ve played 4,770 Halo 5: Guardians - Warzone: Firefight matches, and recently I’ve noticed a continuing decline in game-play quality that has me wanting to quit multiplayer altogether. Glitches in graphics/ game-play, the Req System continually becoming unavailable during the middle of a match, and the fact that you can no longer boot a teammate that deliberately runs over you with a vehicle feels like a big “-Yoink- YOU” from 343 Industries. It says they don’t care about maintaining the quality and integrity of game-play of their multiplayer as long as they sell the number of games they set out too. I used to defend 343 Industries to those who felt that “Halo died with Reach” (Bungie’s last Halo game), but now I’m beginning to become more sympathetic to that view because Bungie would not have tolerated that crap. 343 Industries on the other hand seems to keep turning a blind eye to these issues and glitches. It seems like every few months they put out a memo that they’re going to do maintenance and weapon tuning to address and fix issues brought to their attention by the community, but every “fix” they tend to do makes things worse. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s really beginning to feel like they don’t give a -Yoink- about the quality of their product.

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Going to close this off as it’s it really a support topic.