Contest: Win recent map pack for those who don't got

I bought Halo Anniversary today, and i got a code for the map pack, but problem is, i already got it on the marketplace before, so I came up with this contest thing.
For those people who don’t got the map pack yet, this might be your lucky chance to get it… Free!

NOTE: This is only one code, but there are a few things you can do to win it.

1: Halo machinima
Make a short machinima that is laughable.

2: Screenshot of something “beautiful”
while on theater, take a picture of something viewable, something like a landscape (forge world, tempest) and editing it on the computer to make it sharper and prettier is allowed.

3: Draw/sketch a “scenario”
draw something eye catching that happens within the game (spartan looking out at the water, spartan using jet pack)

4: Halo comic
you can either draw your own, or just take pictures in halo and make them… comical style?

5: Forge picture
something exciting, not the usual grey blocks together to form the sentence (can i haz map pack?)

yeah, and only people who don’t have the Anniversary map pack are allowed to enter.

Do not submit stolen work
No swears in there
No nudify (t replaced)
Only do one of those things i mentioned above! (machinima, comic, you know the rest)

So yeah, and just to make sure you’re entering the contest, post something below, like “i’m joining” or whatever, and when you are done with one of the 4 things above, pm me the link, :smiley:

So yeah… :smiley:

PS: if you see a typo, my bad, too lazy to look through this and fix it… :3

Already got it so I won’t enter, but this is a really nice idea.

Thanks for not letting it go to waste. :smiley: