Content Browser Feedback Part 2

So, there’s a lot that needs fixing with the Content Browser and the UI for Custom Files in Halo Infinite.

Content Browser [Halo Waypoint]:
Browse All:
-The Files don’t display how many Bookmarks it has.
-The Files don’t display how many Plays/Plays Recent it has.
-The Files don’t display how many ratings it has.

For these items you would have to click on each individual file to see the data. For example, when you’re in the “Browse All” section of the Content Browser, you can sort the files by the amount of plays that a file has. You could scroll a few dozen pages until you get to that “Eternity” custom map that’s been made.

But without clicking on the map, it wouldn’t show you many Bookmarks it has, many Plays/Plays Recent it has, and how many ratings it has. Having this data readily available without having to click on each and every map would streamline the search process.

My Bookmarks:
I have 113 bookmarks, but I can only look at a random selection of 13. This is bad UI design and needs to be corrected. The feedback for the “Browse All” part on top of the current search structure should be brought over to the “My Bookmarks” section.

Halo Infinite [In Game]:
So, when you go to the “Community” tab and click “My Bookmarks,” you should be able to sort bookmarks by Plays, Ratings, the number of Bookmarks, etc. Except it doesn’t actually do that. In my situation (for example), whenever I sort my bookmarks by Plays/Descending, it should organize the maps by the total amount of plays it has. In this case, the map “Eternity” (which has over 54K Plays) should be first in the top left corner.

What ends up actually happening is that my bookmark “Peach’s Castle” (which only has around 8K Plays), ends up in that first in line slot, followed by Guardian (which at the time of this post only has around 140 plays). So, in short, the filters for plays/plays recent, bookmarks, ratings, etc. don’t actually mean anything. Again, this is poor UI design and needs to be corrected.

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