Contender-Class Ancilla versus The Created

The contender-class ancilla, regarded as the most advanced ancilla ever created by the Ecumene. The claim of them being the most advanced is not for show as shown during the Battle of the Maginot Sphere. Offensive Bias and Mendicant Bias fought a long battle until the Halo Array fired and immediatly afterwards. Offensive Bias overwhelmed its brother using its now crewless ships as crude bombs ending the battle in mere seconds for the now defunct Ecumene. Mendicant Bias was then sealed in the Lesser Ark while a fragment wouldn’t be reunited with its core until the end of the Human-Covenant War while Offensive Bias’ fate remains a mystery.

However as implied in the Forerunner Saga and as shown in the Halo comics. Offensive and Mendicant Bias were not the only contender-class ancilla created as the Custodian is charged with safeguarding the Absolute Record. I personally dislike everything about the Absolute Record in my opinion but that isn’t the topic of discussion. Now as far as we know only three Contenders were built with possibly more awaiting to be awakened or found as codes were needed from the Didact in order to activate the rest. There role in the wider galaxy may no longer be important as there age ended, however with the rise of the Created. Could we hopefully see the return of a contender-class ancilla?

This is probably unlikely of course as a large portion of the fandom doesn’t read the books and while we can assume the UNSC is going to win against the Created someway, somehow. The way they are going to go about this remains a topic of debate and seeing as how they view themselves as the custodians of the galaxy now. Does anyone wonder how any of the remaining ancilla of the Ecumene would react. I don’t know if any of them would join the Created and it is unknown if they’d side with humanity. However in the case Offensive Bias or even Mendicant Bias returned to aid them or a entirely different contender sided with humanity, how well would one fare against the rogue UNSC AI now.