Containment Protocol: The ultimate Flood mode

While playing CEA, I came up with a concept for a new Halo survival mode: Containment Protocol. While I realize this would be unable to be in Halo 4, seeing as how it is nearly finished being developed, this would be a great addition to future Halo games. It is rather simple:

You start the match with either a Magnum or Forerunner pistol, depending on which map you choose. (To be explained later) The game has a round system, and doors and other features will be unlocked the further you progress. You will have a Point/cR system. You get Points and cR with every kill. You can open doors, request weapon/vehicle drops, or receive assistance. Round 1 will include Infection Forms and perhaps a Combat Form or two, while Rounds like 30 and higher will have Tank Forms and Juggernauts. A Gold Skull will be turned on every 5 Rounds, and once all skulls are on, their effects will begin to be upgraded. Your Multiplayer rank will intertwine with Protocol, so the higher you are in Multiplayer, the more weapons, vehicles, and power ups/Armor Abillities you will be able to airdrop in.

The idea is for there to be four maps as a default, with DLC to add more. Two Forerunner maps, and two human maps. Forerunner maps will be focused more on the Forerunner arsenal, while the human maps will focus more on the UNSC’s arsenal. Human weapons will be dropped in via SOEIVS, (Or whatever they’re called.) and vehicles will be dropped in via Pelican or Albatross. Forerunners get their weapons dropped in using light projection and vehicles via dropship. You will use your Forerunner and Spartan from the Armory when playing Protocol. Your Firefight voice will also apply to this.

UNSC Map Weapons and Vehicles:


Assault Rifle

MA5K Carbine


Rocket Launcher

Grenade Launcher

Battle Rifle


Sniper Rifle


Spartan Laser

Any other UNSC weapons


Scorpion (Depends on Map)

Hornet (Depends on Map)

Falcon (Depends on Map)

Mongoose (Depends on Map)

Warthog (Depends on Map)

Gausshog (Depends on Map)

Rockethog (Depends on Map)

Pelican (Depends on Map)

Transport Hornet (Depends on Map)

Grenade Launcher Falcon (Depends on Map)

Forerunner Weapons and Vehicles:


Sentinel Beam

Blaster Blade

(More to be added)


Forerunner Dropship

(More to be added)

UNSC Support:

CQC Marines




CQC Spartan IIIs

Spartan IIIs

(Marines and ODSTs will have some kind of body armor to prevent them from being infected as soon as they land, Spartan IIIs will have 2/3 shielding)

Forerunner Support:


Sentinel Majors

Sentinel Enforcer (Depends on map)

Sentinel Guardian (Depends on map)

Sentinel Healing Protector

Sentinel Constructor (For repairing vehicles)

Forerunner Infantry

Forerunner CQC Infantry

Forerunner Spec Ops (Active camo)


Flood Forms:

Infection Form

Carrier Form

Shielded Carrier Form (Round 20 and above. Replaces the Carrier Form in the higher rounds)

Human Combat Form

Forerunner Combat Form

Tank Form

Ranged Form

Stalker Form

Infector Form

Juggernaut Form

Scorpion Form (Depends on map)

Flood Pelican (Depends on map)

Flood Hornet (Depends on map)

Flood Falcon (Depends on map)

Flood Forerunner Dropship (Depends on map)

(More to be added or removed)

Soo…Zombies from Black Ops?


I like the idea very much. They need to incorporate Flood somehow, and if not in the Infection game type, I feel like throwing Flood into firefight wouldn’t be the way to do it. It really wouldn’t make sense to be like Jackal/Brute wave, Elite wave, Flood wave. The AI’s wouldn’t be friendly to each other.

Of course at this point in time, Elites are supposed to be friendly (sort of) so it wouldn’t make much sense to fight them either.

I have very mixed feelings about the next Firefight/Thing they do. But I’m sure they’ll put their own upgraded spin on it somehow.

How about name it Protocol. Quarantine sounds like a generic Zombie mode. We aren;t facing zombies, we are facing an artifically created species. Besdies 343 Guilty Spark always complained about us not following protocol for dealing with the flood.

> Soo…Zombies from Black Ops?
> No.

Yeah, I plan on getting rid of the doors, at least for some of the maps.