Contacting Server to Get Latest Matchmaking Data

I’ve logged out and logged back in (MCC as well as Steam), restarted my computer, restarted my router, deleted the game files via %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\MCC\Saved\webcache, tried the Credential Manager fix, tried verifying the files, the relay was already off (also tried turning it on and tested then turned it back off), literally every single fix I have found online hasn’t worked. I’m currently reinstalling the game so HOPEFULLY that helps, but if anyone has any other insight on how to fix this without having to reinstall that would be ideal. I’ve had this stuff happen before, and usually deleting the files or logging out and logging back in works but apparently that’s not an option anymore.

I am having this same issue right now as well… Nothing seems to work… browsing around online, seems most people fix this by signing out and back in, but this is not fixing it for me…

Xbox live services are down.

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> Xbox live services are down.
> Xbox Support

I have several friends I’m sitting in call with on discord that are playing right now on MCC (which we have been playing on commonly). Also have no problems inviting them via GTs rather than through steam and have no problem with that, but can’t start the game because of the aforementioned.

It’s started working for me again. Guess Xbox live was having an outage or something.

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> It’s started working for me again. Guess Xbox live was having an outage or something.

I reinstalled my mcc and it works now, but even still I’d like to know if there’s any other way around it than uninstalling and reinstalling and everything I mentioned above.

Reinstalling wasn’t necessary OP as the issue was related to an Xbox Live outage. Always be sure to check the Xbox Support site for issues like this in event that services are down :slight_smile: