Contacting 343i

Hello. Throughout my months of playing Halo 5, I’ve created a rather lengthy list of serious complaints and rants I’d love to disclose to 343, but I can’t seem to find a means of contacting them short of just going to their headquarters, and I don’t have the means to do that. So, where can I find their email address?

You should post some of those statements here. As to an actual email, your guess is as good as anybody’s.

I don’t think there’s anywhere that they’ve posted their email address. Try 343’s Twitter and other social media accounts, you might be able to get something out of those.

Note that I said might.

Or you could try messaging the entire list to Unyshek through Xbox Live.

Best of luck man, if you figure it out let us know.

yea, i would love to contact them, but theres no concrete way to contact them

You can mail them a letter.

Keep us in the loop!

Short of writing a letter, PM the 343 staff here at Waypoint. Maybe get lucky PMing the forum team or mods to pass on your request or try your luck on their social media spin wheel :wink:

Hint: the support forums if you have a bug type issue, include a video or steps to reproduce the issue if you can.

Im afraid to say if they had a support number to call them there lines would always be busy! If you know what I mean! lol.

I wish you luck!


Try messaging Unyshek, or posting in the forums, or tweeting them your list, or finding them on Reddit.