Constructive playlist idea

@Bravo and @343 matchmaking Team
It’s simple I understand the statistics behind available players and games and not wanting to create playlists that can’t truly won’t be played.
Very simple solution that can be easily solved. Keep it to 12 playlists 10 static 2 changing

Team HCS (static playlists HCS approved map and gametype pairings only)
Team arena (throw everything in here on all maps all game types)
Team Slayer(static)
BTB (static)
Team snipers(static)
Random social playlists(slayer/objective focused)
Random social playlists(something crazy)

Thank you for time
Please everyone let me know your thoughts

I don’t see the point in the HCS playlist? What’s different from team arena? I thought they were playing halo 5 at these competitions not some modified version haha

Action sack also