Constructive Feedback From Long Time Halo Player

I am going to preface this by saying i am not a game designer. I have no experience in making games. However i have been playing them for a very, very long time and i feel like i can offer some constructive feedback to some design choices and things i think would be better. These are things other than the glaring issues of desync, the shop, or other technical stuff.

This is not a hate thread, and this my opinions are my own. I primarily play BTB so a lot of my opinions are on that game type and those maps. These are in no particular order.

1: The AI Scan is a cool feature, but i dont think it should just show a weapon pad. You have no idea what weapon is on it, if it is already taken or any other information other than “This thing is here.”

This can be improved by showing the outline of the gun on the pad instead of the pad itself (The outline like when you scan the gun on the ground). Additionally, change the color of the pad / weapon to Red if it is already taken.

2: Absolute imbalance of weapon spawns. Even though two bases are identical in layout, different weapons spawn at each base. This makes no sense, one base could have a Battle Rifle, another could have a commando. While similar they arent the same and dont offer a fair experience.

3: The weapon drop pods are cool and can mix things up but too often i see people run by them entirely. I think there should be an indicator showing its location. This can either be on always like in previous games or only shows when you do an AI scan. And while the scan DOES show it if you are in range of the pod, this indicator would show its location regardless of distance.

4: The random vehicle drops. While i am a fan of previous games just having vehicles spawn at the bases, and with vehicle pads being a thing it makes no sense really to have random vehicle drops. Still im not against the idea, its kinda cool, but the issue comes when one side gets a noticeably better vehicle than the other. One base got a wraith, the other got a warthog or ghost.

5: I admit im sure the drop shield is better than i give it credit, i genuinely think its useless, but what doesn’t make sense to me is we had a more superior version in the form of the bubble shield. Even from a lore perspective Infinite takes place later than halo 3 but we have worse gear.

6: Threat sensor should be reworked. Only real suggestion i can think of is either adding more charges to it, increasing its radius or increasing its duration. The big issue i really have with it is its presence in the Fiesta game mode.

Additionally, the fact that an enemy can just shoot it with anything and destroy it means it can have very little impact on the game.

7: Overall increase to weapons / Equipment on maps, specifically big team maps.

8: Map Design. With the BTB maps its obvious they wanted to downplay vehicles. Warthogs are more or less fine, there are some issues with narrow lanes and hitting random stuff and flipping. But that highlights the bigger issue, the big vehicles like the wraith and scorpion do not fit on these maps, virtually any BTB map is NOT designed for them. They just dont fit in the lanes, if they do its only in a specific way and impossible to drive and maneuver.

9: Body Damage. I like how virtually every weapon has a headshot multiplier, but i do not like how many extra shots it takes to kill someone with body shots after the shields are disabled. This is minor as it rewards skill and aim, but i feel like body shots take a little too long to kill after shields drop.

10: Scope glare. To me this makes absolutely zero sense. Not only is it too bright assuming it is kept, but it makes no sense to have in the first place. Was never in any halo game before it, and even in modern day we have technology to help reduce or eliminate that as a factor. The fact it is in a sci-fi game makes no sense at all.

11: The Sniper rifle zoom. No map, even the BTB maps, are all that large. The first zoom setting is too far and the second setting is almost never used. At the very least the first setting needs to be pulled back a bit to be less awkward to use.

12: Assassinations. Bring them back. End of story.

13: The Theatre. My god i genuinely don’t understand how a game made later has a feature that is actually so much worse than a predecessor. The Halo 3 and Halo Reach theatre was perfect, absolutely perfect. It feels like they changed it for the sake of change.

14: A separate button for general interact, weapon interact, and equipment interact. This is a very minor thing but often times when i go to pick up a weapon from a fallen ally or teammate i end up picking up their equipment instead. Then i do this awkward dance of trying to get my equipment back and also pick up the weapon i wanted. Again, very minor but annoying nonetheless.

15: Sliding cancels all actions, even reloading which i feel is a poor choice.

For now that is most of what i can think of off the top of my head. Please feel free to comment your own constructive feedback.

16: Adding in locker slots for the same core but different customizations.