Constructive Feedback for Last Spartan Standing

The mode is fun, and I would like to see it as a permanent mode; however, it could use some changes.

Firstly here’s what I think it does right:

  • The map is really good for this mode (barring it feeling a bit too open at times).
  • The XP based gun game system is a neat take on gun game, and reduces the sting of stolen kills.
  • I like being able to cap eliminated players for bonus XP.
  • The weapon progression is generally pretty solid.
  • Being able to stick to a tier you like, and avoid dealing with a tier you don’t like, is a really smart choice.

Now here’s some things I think should be changed/adjusted:

  • Decrease the power up spawns. Overshield and camo is way too prevalent, and constantly respawning by overshielded opponents gets tiring. It’s just a life robbed from you.
  • Power up spawns should be one at a time, spawn in a more centralized location, and be pinged. This makes them risky to grab, and lets everyone know of an opportunity to grab one.
  • Replace the normal drops with standard equipment, just so there’s equipment variety throughout the match. Having the single equipment spawn, and only one type of equipment for the match, is a little lame in that regard.
  • The mangler is an odd second weapon. It’s a pretty hard weapon to learn (especially on mouse). It’s not like it’s a bad/impossible weapon (once you get used to it, it’s really good!), but if you’re not used to the weapon it can be really difficult to get out of the second tier, which becomes frustrating as everyone else gets better weapons. I’ve seen some people skip the second tier altogether because of this.

Honestly that’s all I have to say about the mode. As someone who enjoys FFA gametypes, it’s a fine mode. Limited life FFA is honestly the best FFA imo, as you’re rewarded for playing smart, and not just for getting fast kills. If this does stick around, they should definitely add more BTB maps to the pool, and maybe even have a smaller/faster paced version for some arena maps: maybe call it LSS Blitz or something.

If I remember correctly it’s only limited to Breaker for the duration of the event. During subsequent weeks the playlist will stay available but run it on all BTB maps.

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I think the Mangler would be a more appropriate second weapon if it replaced the Disrupter instead of the Sidekick.

This would keep the flow of having a more familiar and reliable primary available throughout the game. So you at least at all times have a Sidekick, AR, Commando, or BR at your disposal.

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My latest LSS victory that involved 24 Kills, 4 Deaths, and 4050 points because of how much Bonus EXP I dared to pick up has really gotten me to warm up to this mode :stuck_out_tongue:

Diversifying the weapon loadouts is definitely something I feel that’s needed to spice things up.

The only other thing is maybe increase the pace of the matches a bit more. Get that circle to shrink a bit faster as, while Breaker is a good map for this mode, there’s been a lot of moments where I just wander and campers have plenty of time and space to just camp.

I think there should be something done with the respawns as well. Dropping down to the smallest circle and having Spartans dying and respawning outside of the circle feels like something that needs to be addressed. I got my first LSS victory cause I lost a Bulldog duel to one guy, died, and then respawned outside the circle with a clear line of sight on the guy who was looking around frantically in the small space with his Bulldog, which allowed me to kill him with my Battle Rifle before the circle could kill me.

I think at some point towards the end of the match/closing of the circle lives need to be dropped to 1.

I think the Mangler is a horrible second weapon, and I’m playing on controller. I’d rather stick with Pistol or go with AR. My Mangler kills never feel rewarding. It’s just frustrating to use.

I must be the exception then as I think the Mangler is a fine weapon. Playing on the controller, the Mangler kills quick. I definitely don’t mind that being my upgrade.

Although I guess for those who haven’t gotten used to it, I can see it being a frustrating weapon as missing one of your shots can be the difference between life and death in a duel. But, as some people have pointed out, just stick with the Sidekick until you can skip it and get the AR instead.

I’ve also found you can just get one or two hits, and then switch to your other weapon it you’re not comfortable getting the last hit. Comboing with my secondary has been a very reliable way to get kills for me

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Sounds like you’re good with it. I’ll admit I think I had some fun matches in Tactical Slayer with all Manglers but I think it’s because it feels so different, that switching to it mid game feels off. I dislike Commando as well for similar reason. The recoil just makes it unpleasant.

We must be opposites here cause I love the Commando as well :rofl: Definitely a good weapon to have before your eventual Battle Rifle.