Constructive Discussion on Commendations

I enjoy Commendations. They aren’t something I have ever wanted or needed, but I find myself checking them in this game more often than in previous games. I played Dominion for 4 months trying to complete the UNSC Ordinance Mastery Commendation, and I finally got it.

But I feel there is plenty of room for improvement. I’m going to talk about the issues I have with the current set-up, and how 343 can improve upon the system for Halo 5 and beyond.

  1. Unable to see the “Total Amount” of something.
    When you check your Commendations, you see 5/25, 34/250, etc. This number (5, 34) only shows you how much you’ve completed towards the current goal (25, 250), not how many you have of that Commendation in total. If I remember correctly, Halo Reach had a bar that would ascend to a finish line, but when it started anew (going from Bronze to Silver), the number remained the same. So if you needed 25 Splatters to reach the next tier, once you changed to the newer tier, the number at the bottom still said 25/250, if 250 was the limit on the 2nd tier. This should have been replicated.

  2. Inconsistency/Failure to judge difficulty.
    343 clearly went through and chose random numbers and applied them to each weapon. You need exactly the same number of kills with the Concussion Rifle as you do with the Gravity Hammer. There wasn’t any thought behind the limits of each level that had been based on difficulty of actually achieving completeness. I think they should look at each weapon and realistically apply a value that is reachable in a reasonable amount of time.

  3. Too long for ranking system.
    The Commendation Team isn’t totally at fault here, since 343i decided to make the leveling system extremely short. Many players are already at SR 130. The Commendations should be made so that you can still gain experience after completing them. I believe 343 should have looked at that and raised the level cap, or required more experience per level. This needs to be fixed, because seeing that +2000 exp next to a Commendation doesn’t encourage me to complete it if I’m already SR 130.

  4. Gametype-specific Commendations are too short, while “XXX Victory” are too long.
    I have already completed all of the required Commendations in both Slayer and Dominion, with KOTH and Oddball quickly approaching. But I am nowhere near completing the required Victories for each gametype. You only need 150 or so Base Captures in Dominion to Max the Commendation, but you need 150 Victories in just the final tier to Max the Victory Commendation! If I capture 1-5 bases per match, which Commendation will be completed sooner? I think these go along with the inconsistencies I mentioned in problem 2), and they should be altered in the future.

What issues do you have with Commendations? A bunch? None? Let me know your thoughts, and hopefully we can come up with some ideas to improve the system in the future.