Constructive customization criticism

Not really sure how to start this other than by saying that this franchise is my favorite game/media franchise that exists and I only wanna see it succeed, however there are things that need to be acknowledged by 343 and either changed sooner than later or explained to us in detail as to why they can’t in a transparent manner.

The customization in almost all aspects is just a hair away from being the best we’ve ever had but how it is currently is far too limiting.

A big part of the marketing that 343 has given us is that our spartan is now a huge factor in the franchise but it doesn’t really feel that good to hear when armor cores and kits limit a lot about how we make our spartan present us in the game.

It’s imperative that cores and kits be disabled and that we’re allowed to customize our spartan with any armor/coating combinations that we like.

Especially considering that a lot of us are paying real currency for this content and it only validates our time and purchases even more.