Constructive Criticism for the Halo 5 Beta

After playing the halo 5 beta I have to say, I am disappointed with the game thus far. I would think by now the game would have come much further than its current state. I am a halo fan and have played all the halo installments to date but I feel this beta strongly falls short. I loved playing the Halo 3 beta (which came with crackdown on Xbox 360) and compared to the Halo 3 beta in terms of Game playability, this halo 5 beta just doesn’t hold up.

Below is a list of issues I believe 343 should address before the game’s launch. I wish to provide my constructive criticism and my goal is not to bash the game just to “TROLL” so to say. Any comparisons to other games that I provide will be in reference to a playability basis, I do not mean to imply one game is better than the other and only wish to use the comparison as a reference. I have added the bold markings to highlight key points and for ease of reading.

-I really don’t believe the core mechanics of this game are that great or even completed. The beta doesn’t have the smooth feel that the game play in the Titanfall Beta or Halo 3 Beta had. A player should really feel in the game especially in the Halo franchise. The clamping feels a bit forced into the game and the game play just needs some refinement, not horrible just add some smoothing tweaks.

-The thrust maneuver seems as if it was just tossed in. I would maybe up the speed or distance of the thrust to help further fast action game play and again add some smoothing tweaks before the game launches.

-Something is way off with the damage mechanics. Pretty much if you knick someone with a shot and follow it up with a head shot, that player is going down no matter what weapon you are using. In past Halo games it would take several shots (some power weapons excluded) to deplete a player’s shield. This type of low shot kill game play helps push the game towards that who shot first wins the battle mentality and that’s generally (again with the exception of some power weapons) not what the Halo franchise was about. I loved those locking horns battle moments in past Halos where players engaged in a brawl to really earn a kill, not these base weapon couple shot kill battles that the game seams to be moving too. If some players enjoy this reduced shot kill type of game play than add a reduced shield mode game type so players can pick and choose which type of battles they wish to engage in.

-The graphics of this game are lacking. This is just the Beta so I am sure (at least hope) 343 will have plenty of time to refine and tweak everything to really pop. This is next gen gaming, Halo 5 deserves to look outstanding.

-Rethink vooming out of the scope when being hit, I don’t think it’s a good fit for the game. Maybe add some intense animation when being hit while scoped in, so the player really gets a feel when they are hit while scoping or maybe restrict the scope out when being hit feature to certain weapons.

-Let your shield recharge while sprinting. I believe this will help reduce cheap kills and add to the tactical feel of the game. This will help allow you to regroup after a battle.

-I know this is an arena type beta but the maps feel kind of generic. Put some added tweak time into the maps to keep the game fresh with a smooth feel.

In the end this game is still in beta and I hope 343 really takes in all the feed back gamers are providing. There has been a trend that games are not straying far from what their beta had to offer (as far as base game play has to go), whether it be good or bad. Halo is a top Microsoft franchise and Halo 5 is coming at a time when the Xbox One could really use a GREAT franchise win. This is next Gen gaming and so far we have received some good games from this generation and some very very over hyped and disappointing games thus far. 343 has some big shoes to fill here with Halo 5 and I hope they truly rise to the occasion. In my opinion Halo 5 needs a lot of work still and I hope 343 puts in the time to truly make something great as this Beta feels like a disappointment. I hope 343 doesn’t rush this game’s launch and they delay the game if need be. We have also seen a recent trend where games are rushed into launch and a fix comes at a later date, which I do not believe is a good practice.I hope this is not the case with Halo 5. I wish 343 the best of luck and hope they produce an excellent Halo 5 games.