Constructive Criticism and Praise of H4

Lets get this straight: 343i made an amazing game. It has its flaws, just like every game. Some show more than others. But I, as an avid player, want to share some things that they did well and some things they can improve on.

I call this the “Sandwich”. Ill mention a Pro and a Con in a sequential order. feel free to comment.

  1. Just like in real life, when people shoot guns, you get “tunnel vision”, where you only focus on one thing. How does this compare to Halo? Youre constantly looking for enemies and not the environment around you. Just take a second to look around. Look at the Map Exile. Appreciate the art that 343i made, its actually pretty breathtaking.

  2. Aside from the beautiful artwork, i believe 3431 made all maps very lopsided. It is hard to make an asymmetrical map fair, but maps like Complex are not exception.


  1. 341, the Promethean weapons look great. Its a unique idea and they feel fresh to use.

  2. Weapon balances are a huge problem in this game. Most of you know which weapons are too powerful (magnetism, hit spread, etc…) but what really makes this 10 times worse is the OVER ABUNDANCE of these weapons. Maps like Ragnarok consist of Mantis’, Banshees, Ghosts, etc. What good are these vehicles if they get blown to pieces seconds after launch?

  3. I believe since the update, i have been much happier. DMR is no longer a huge game factor and the close range weapons now can stand a chance.

More to come, feel free to comment.

I really feel like the breaking point of Halo 4 was its overabundance of vehicles and power weapons (especially Personal Ordinance). Today’s update to Dominion with removing power weapons was a step in the right direction (but how am I supposed to get Ordinance weapon commendations now? :T ). Power weapons and vehicles should be used as a strategy, not a strongarm.

Pro: 343i had some very radical and ambitious ideas for the game. Their choice to include JIP, loadouts, flinch, and ordinance were all things that had never been fully explored in the Halo universe before. Their vision for the evolution of the franchise was compelling.

Con: Their execution of these visions was riddled with critical flaws. JIP creates more problems than it solves. Loadouts and ordinance destroy the tried-and-true model that made Halo so successful. Other features like flinch and sprint, while implemented fine, don’t seem to belong in a Halo game.

-Pro: The ideas, theory, and principles
-Con: The implementation, execution, and realization of them.


This is exactly the kind of constructive criticism I was hoping for!!

Thanks for starting this thread! I’ll post some of my own pros/cons as well shortly…

> 343i made an amazing game.


-Return of a precise utility weapon (DMR).
-Lowering the gap between movement and sprint with the 10% update.
-Armor Abilities are better than Reach
-Choice of Primary
-Choice of Skins
-New gamemodes

-Large, redundant sandbox.
-Lowered skillgap (aim assist, sprint, armor abilities)
-Power weapons despawn quickly, removing an entire aspect of the game.
-Perks, Secondaries, Grenades
-Missing Gamemodes
-Forge and Customs

-Yoink!- Graphics
Awesome Campaign
Cool new weapons
New animations
Nice armor customization
Flood mode

Almost everything about multiplayer
Unbalanced Weapons
Very low framerate in split-screen multiplayer
Too much ordinance
All the maps are too small (even the ones considered big)
Vehicles serve almost no purpose since everyone gets stickies and a plasma pistol to start
Join in progress epic fails still
New maps are bland
Rewards based on time played rather than skill
Weapons despawn way too fast

343i has said that if they didn’t despawn weapons quickly, due to the Ordinance drops, power weapons would be littered all over the map. Just FYI–you change one thing, it affects many others.

I like Halo 4.

i am on the olderside of gamers so i do not play all the games out there but as in WW Z, mother nature is a serial killer and loves to make her weaknesses look like a strength. modern society today suffers the same dilemma. YOU are just a child, you may have advantages but you really have no idea what they r.

so, from the humongous amount of Halo i have played, i.ll give a respectful nod to 313i, ops, 343i


improvement of gameplay.
look and feel of game
story, open for season 2 - see me for details
seems to have included all current achievements consistent with other games, i have no idea but all the kids seem to be whining about the same crappo.
Had at one point included more stuff for an excellent increase in carnage. deal with the collateral that is your only real responsibility after release of game.
can not trash talk opposing team.
at some point it is about team play.


balance of weapons.
maps are too large, or not enough smaller maps.
have not released season 2 episodes chapters once a month as planned.
too many older HALO games available online, they should merge all but the most popular with HALO 4.
unable to maintain a cheat free environment and or lag time.
can betray teammates.
at some point it is about team play. lol
HALO LIVES !!! lol

also, look up my thread for Perfection Polling and VOTE please.

I think Halo 4 is a really good game. Since launch day it has come a long but it still needs few more things to make it a great game. Here are my thoughts on this.