Constigation clan needs members.

Hello I am in need of more clan members. We are clan constigation, a halo mcc clan that has only a few members but we manage. We span all halo games in halo the master chief collection or mcc for short. We are, yes an elite clan in halo 2 anniversary and whatever you desire in halo 2 original and halo 3. All my members are highly skilled and love winning. Find me on xbox one under this gamertag SILVER REAPER00 I am the clan leader and recruitment is garrenteed fast. I put you through a quick training program on a map I created then after I see your results, ( winning or good score ) then your done. I hope to see you on the field. Message me, I will get back to you.

Just so you guys know, my sign up got screwed and it put me under a different gamertag I haven’t used in a long time. My real gamertag is SILVER REAPER00