Constantly Crashing (Solved)

I’ve tried reinstalling the game and drivers and the game is constantly crashing with the update. Anyone else having this problem?


My game loads up to the main menu but whenever I try to go into anything it doesn’t work.

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same here, mostly in forge tho

There’s a bug with latest drivers (at least for Nvidia) and you have to install Nvidia’s latest patch (I think it’s on their website). Otherwise Halo Infinite won’t stop crashing. I installed the latest patch and it works fine.

This was the support article I used to fix the issue:

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THANK YOU!!! That was it

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At least you guys can fix your problem on PC. On console, I just can’t do anything. Tried everything I can, doesn’t work at all.


I’m having the same issue of loading into halo but nothing works. I keep getting there was a problem with dedicated servers for forge and multiplayer. The campaign won’t even load single player. I’m playing on the Xbox series s.

Getting out of Xbox preview program help me fix the xbox from freezing.