Constantly booted to main menu.

As of last night i have had trouble with Matchmaking in Infinity. Basically when i find games it goes to the loading screen (spinning UNSC logo) and then next thing i know i’m back to main menu while the people i was partied up with are in the game, this even happens when searching alone, so far it seems i only actually get into around 30% of my games.

I didn’t have this issue on release day (apart from the server problems of course) and cannot find any reason as to why this is happening, both disc’s are installed on HDD and have no damage to them whatsoever, xbox is fine too so that cant be the issue.

Seem’s im not the only one who has this issue as a quick google search brought this up - Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos

I have re-installed both disc’s today and will check later but this problem cannot be on my end can it?

Just me then? sigh

This sort of happened to me, I would get to the pre game where it shows the teams and you pick your load out, and then I would get kicked back to the menu. Server issues mostly. But also if you’re getting a NAT warning at the bottom of the screen then fixing that will help a bit.

No NAT warnings whatsoever, my internet is fine. I have discovered that if i find a game in which i can vote in the lobby then i have no problems, but if its a join-in-progress game then i get kicked to main menu and seeing as most of my games seem to be join-in-progress then i am completely screwed.