Constant wrongful Idling banhammer

Need help…every 3 matches roughly I’m getting banned for no reason. I’m playing and finishing matches with top 3 scores. I don’t understand what is going on with this, but it’s really frustrating. How can I get this resolved? Update: looking at my profile it shows a 2nd place finish for today(23 kills), then shows the same match and as a quit for tomorrow(same game time length 0kils). TOMORROW Hasnt happened yet!

Hey if you find anything out about this can you let me know. I am sick of it. last two weeks I have been banned four times I play every game I start. Now I am up to 24hours ban. I haven’t done anything. and here I sit again. Something is wrong with your servers 343. I pay for my live and your game I have purchased in apps. Now if this is how your going to treat me. I might as well go buy Call of duty or something else and advocate for people to do the same. I am starting to lose my patience with it. It is enough.

Yeah, I’m having the same problem here. Constant random bans for no reason at all. In the last three or four days I got three major bans. Three days ago 18 hours for no reason, yesterday I got 24 hours for no reason and after roughly two hours of playing today I got a three day ban for existing. At least thats my guess at this point. I really don’t know whats going on or what causes these constant bans. If this goes on I might be up to a month long ban or something like that in mid-february. Maybe that is a sign for me to play other games again? My patience is worn thin. One time it might be okay, maybe I did something wrong. But constantly getting banned for no reason? Nope, not gonna take that any more.