Constant Unable to Join Errors in H5 Matchmaking?

All month me and a few others have nonstop gotten Unable To Join errors in Matchmaking and it makes it extremely hard to play the game(especially with others). like about 5/10 matches ill kicked out right when we find players and get the Unable to Join error message. Yet everyone im partied with has all players found except 1 player (which was me) so they have to sit and wait for 1 more to join or back out and try and search with me again then it happens another 3 times, til i can actually load into a match, then its fine for a few matches then starts happening again. I’ve heard of a few others having the same issue n having it happen alot more consistantly in this past month like i have. You can also tell just playing MM that its happening alot more often and to more people because half the lobbies now youre just waiting endlessly for 1 player whereas before that was alot more rare. Some others have had it alot right before they load into a game so their teammates load into a 3v4. Is there any fix for this in the coming days?

This is the exact same thing that has been happening to me. I’ve been playing with the same group since Halo 5 was released with no server issues. The last week I’ve constantly had the same issues as the original poster. Nobody in my group has changed any of their internet equipment or settings. It is very frustrating.

Did you guys ever figure out how to fix this? Just started happening with me and my friends. It’ll put everyone into a game except one person and then if everyone quits to try again it bans us! Ridiculous, especially with warzone because one person ends up waiting 20 minutes.

You might want to try a factory reset on your Xbox. You can do the one that does not erase installed or downloaded games, which will end up taking about 15 minutes to go through the setup again like you when you first opened your Xbox…

This resolved the failure to connect issue I was having when trying to connect to my first match. To be clear I only ever had the issue with the first match after loading up Halo 5, every match after that would be fine. The above solution has fixed the problem above for several people.

There’s no real fix for this and there never will be. Just do what everyone else does and give up on this game, 343 clearly has. As much as I am hyped for Halo Infinite and I’m sure that’s why Halo 5 is having so many server problems, they still need to address this.

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