Constant, Random disconnects while playing

Hey guys. I’ve been having this problem since day one: whenever I play Halo 4, I get disconnected from Xbox Live. It doesn’t matter if it’s campaign or multiplayer, or even just lounging in the menu. Sometimes it takes a few minutes, sometimes (very rarely) it takes almost an hour. The average is 10-15 minutes, barely enough for one game. I can usually reconnect right away, but as you can imagine, it’s quite annoying since it happens ALL OF THE TIME WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

I figured it was my crappy router, so I bought a new one. Didn’t fix it. I figured it was my crappy internet, so I waited until it was upgraded. Didn’t fix it (and it’s amazing now.

To give you guys perspective, before it was upgraded, I could hardly play anything online. I lagged halfway to Australia playing Borderlands 2 with my buddies, but I got through it without any disconnects. Not one. As bad as the lag was, Halo 4 was the only game that disconnected me from Xbox Live. Now with this upgrade, I can play anything without any lag. Except, of course, for Halo, because I can’t stay connected long enough to do much of anything.

My NAT is open, I’ve tried wired and wireless connections, I’ve cleared my system cache, forwarded ports. I’ve read countless threads of other people having a similar, if not identical problem, without a solution to be found. I’m pretty desperate at this point.

Halo 4 is the only game giving me this problem, and I don’t understand why. Can anyone help?

I some what know what you mean. Halo 4 is the only game that I get disconnected from sporadically. It has happened to me about 4 or 5 times within this last month. I usually reboot my xbox and then I’m good for a couple more hours. Very annoying but I figured 343/Microsoft released this game before it was ready so it will definitely take some months to work out the bugs.

Do you use an Ethernet cable? Because I use it, and most of my games are lag free and I never disconnect. Maybe you could buy one and try it out. (If you don’t have one already).

I’m playing on a WAP and if the signal isn’t good due to various factors, Halo 4 will kick me off telling me I’m not connected. However, I still maintain my connectivity to XBL (friends list still works). I think it is their way of saying “Come back when your connection isn’t terrible”. Shutting off other wifi devices helps a lot.

If you’re using wifi, anything more than a two story house is going to either require a router that has antenna’s with some high dB gain or you could get a wireless repeater, place it about half way between the router and the Xbox, and it will help offset the weak signal a bit.

EDIT: What kind of money are you making to afford a T3 connection?

I use an ethernet cable, I’ve also tried wi-fi, neither of them solve the issue. Internet speed isn’t the issue, Halo 4 doesn’t lag, it just disconnects from Xbox Live.

Restarted the console, the game, my router, nothing really helps. I put in Halo 4, and I get disconnected from Xbox Live. That’s just the way it’s been since the day the game came out, and it’s really frustrating. I’m the only one of my friends who this is happening to.

@SgtIIMofo I’m a broke college student paying a lot for rent in an apartment. It’s a somewhat old complex, and they’ve been doing lots of renovations recently, one of which was a pretty damn good upgrade to the internet. Doesn’t seem to help with Halo, unfortunately.