This is completely the game’s fault. Ooh I’m sure there are others out there that are just fine, and run on the allegation that it’s “Only you.”

  1. It’s not my connection quality. Believe me on that.
    2.It’s not my TV (If that was even a belief)
    3.I’ve redownloaded the game plenty of times, I still experience this.

Please Fix this.

Yup, I’ve noticed it a lot of times too. Especially in the heat of battle. Very frustrating.

Yeah this happens a lot on warzone

With all the players quitting and sometimes joining this happens often

I never had an issue before a few weeks ago, and I still haven’t experienced any freezes or crashes during matches that weren’t network/server related, but recently my while game has started freezing during the PGCR after every few matches. It’s getting really, really annoying as it just sits there for like 10 minutes and the only way out is to close the re open the game. Which is annoying as for some reason you can’t use boosts or look at anything to do with reqs until at least 5 minutes after you launch the game. This has been happening for me since day 1.
I was concerned that my game was starting to crash because I have 140 games now on my hdd, but I’ve thoroughly tested other games and only Halo 5 isn’t running smoothly :confused:

A couple of times.