Constant debates over BR but no innovative ideas?

Look, I get it. BRs are fun. Despite its many flaws I actually have a lot of fun with PUBG and I know this is basically heresy here, but blackout looks kind of good. However, I don’t think everyone saying Halo needs BR to stay relevant is necessarily right. The market is quickly becoming oversaturated with them and by the time infinite releases it will just be more noise. I think what Infinite really needs to do is push the envelope by trying to create the next big thing. That mode everyone else will want to ripoff. What is that next big thing? Well get ready for this…I don’t really know.

My point here is that trend chasing can ultimately be a dead end. Release too late and all of a sudden no one cares anymore. But to invest in something that’s new and most importantly, fun, is what will move copies. You know, potentially. We have a ton of active people on this community and together I bet we could come up with some great ideas.

Just to spit ball I think an Invasion 2.0 mode with a drastically increased player count could be amazing. One side UNSC and one side Covenant and have scenarios like defending a ship from being boarded or stop a covenant invasion of a city. Even go a step further and recreate iconic battles from Halo’s lore like Harvest or Reach that casuals will enjoy and diehards will appreciate for the nods to the past. I know that seems awful derivative of Battlefield but I’m just throwing it out there as a jumping off point.

Back in the day this community was responsible for inventing zombies, tower of power, and countless other game modes with very limited customization options, by today’s standards at least. So come on, I know some of you out there have to have some ideas swimming around your head for what you think could make an epic game mode in the next Halo.

Looking back at Reach, I like how Bungie attempted to make a verses Fire Fight mode. However, due to the limitations of the mode, it was only 2 v 2. 2 Spartans vs. 2 Elites with the might of the Covenant behind them, With no friendly A.I supporting the 2 Spartans. And the playlist only lasted a short period.

My Idea:
I think maybe 343i could innovate and have a 12v12 (or more) player verses Firefight with a sizable amount of A.I on both sides fighting each other. Reach’s other standout mode, Invasion could be worked into this. And it wouldn’t have to be strictly UNSC vs. Covenant. If the Flood return, imagine playing as an infected Spartan with the support of a horde of Flood backing you up. Or some kind of Promethean Spartan equivalent for the Prometheans.

It could potentially work several ways and have several variations. But I’ thinking a capture defend strongholds type game type. But with a Firefight like twist. Depending on the amount of A.I capable of being spawned on the map, each player could potentially have their own A.I squad to back them up and order around. If they die, you have to wait till next round or the next time you die and respawn to get them back.

Another potential element would be spawn-able bosses. Imagine playing as the Covenant and the UNSC is barring down on your position. Your team has enough points to call in a boss and Tank Master Roc spawns in to assist you and even the playing field.

As this is an Firefight/Invasion/Warzone hybrid, you would have access to premade and custom load outs for your faction.

Bring back Reach’s verses Firefight and expand on it with gameplay elements from Invasion and Warzone.

I think that would be awesome. I would definitely play that.

I had an idea for a game type kind of like that but I don’t even think it would be possible with today’s hardware. Basically your idea where it’s actual players backed up by AI in faction wars like human vs covenant. But I think it would be amazing if each team had one or two “generals” that basically were in charge of the AI units Halo Wars style. So basically there’d be real person fire teams out on the field with each teams supported by dozens of AI soldiers and vehicles that were being coordinated by someone. The generals could also spawn vehicles and power weapons for the players on the field.

Again though, I’m not even sure the Xbox could handle something as large scale as that

I agree with you wholeheartedly. People seem to forget that Halo was at the peak of it’s popularity and fun when IT set the standards for FPS, not when it followed another games’ standards or style. I enjoy BR as well, and I play PUBG and played the Blackout beta as well. While I do think Blackout is very fun, it has no originality in it tbh. It plays exactly like PUBG, just way more polished, which is the main issue with BR games. They all play so similarly that the more BR games that get released, the less room there is for originality in the genre.

Instead of having BR, I think Infinite should have a giant war mode like what you suggest, and like what was originally intended for Halo 2 and Halo 3. 64 player battles that take place over epic set pieces from previous Halo campaigns. Scarabs, falling buildings, ships, and overall craziness. A mode like this was originally intended for Halo 2 and 3, but couldn’t be completed due to budget and time restraints. I am hoping 343 will use the Slipspace Engine to fully realize such potential, but only time will tell.

I really doubt increasing the player count is of any use, adding AI and so forth on top of it all just further distances the Arena aspect of the Multiplayer part in terms of gameplay. Warzone and Arena at this point feel divided in how they work.

Not only that, trying too hard to be the next big thing is hardly the right way to go. Halo doesn’t need to be the biggest thing on the market, and neither should it chase that by going after trends, or try to predict what it’ll be. I’m fairly certain the big hits over the years didn’t know they were going to be big.

Halo has Campaign, Firefight and Multiplayer. Tools include Forge, Theatre and Custom Games Options. All of which have plenty of untapped potential.

16 players is a good amount of maximum participants. Why do we need to increase that number? What’s the benefit? The larger the maps the less usefull it becomes for smaller amounts of players, it becomes more difficult to find and balance teams. Heck, individual encounters don’t change that much either because players are so spread out over a large map. Gameplay footage from MAG doesn’t look too exciting despite it being a 256 player game. More isn’t always better.

Make Halo, without chasing a specific thing. Make the fun things, let the game development muses sing. I certainly do not agree with everything Reach did, but that is a game which was made with ambition, something I can’t say about the titles following it.

Star Wars Battlefront II skipped Galactic Conquest, Mechwarrior Onlinr has Faction Warfare in which you fight for planets but its failing due to balance issues.
Want to make use of companies? Go for a mode like that, a type of cpnquest mode. Regular Arena matches but the outcome of them influence what happens in the giant map, who gets what.

Another idea I had was something else Bungie scrapped, Forge Wars. It would be set up where each team has the same budget and one or more monitors. The thing about this mode is the forge pieces would have to be destructible. It would again be BTB 8v8 or more. It might end up being too much like Fortnite with the “building” aspect of it, but I think of fine tuned for teams it could work.
The monitors would have to hang back and be protected as their team gets points from kills. The points would then allow the monitor to spawn in weapons and fortifications for their teams.

I would like more players because I like huge vehicle games. I mean Pelicans and Scarabs and stuff. And massive maps. Small maps would be weird with dropship flight or Scarab walking. Like old Halo Custom Edition maps that were MASSIVE but the game could only have max 16 players while the map could support many more. If they must be in Forge mode then so be it.

But I don’t want BR and they already said that the only BR will be the Battle Rifle so np :slight_smile:

I’d like some objective gamemode involving Dropship and Scarab piloting.

Let just let halo be halo and not jump every new trend. It simply takes away from what the game should be.