It’s unreal to me that this game was tested for PCs and deemed acceptable in it’s current state. I can’t even finish 3 matches without crashing to desktop with no error message. It’s ridiculous. 343i, you’ve butchered one of my favorite franchises. You’ve missed the mark on everything that a live service game is. It’s honestly depressing that I gave this dev studio my preorder expecting the game to be handled with care and transparency. So disappointed in how much potential has been thrown away. At this point the game will never live up to what it could have been if it just functioned on launch and had the features that fans expect from a Halo game.

Specs for reference:
Intel(R) Core™ i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 6 GB
16 GB Ram


I can’t even launch the game through Xbox App on PC with out it immediately sending my PC into restart. So I downloaded the steam version and so far haven’t had an issue. Though I’ve only got about an hour of play in. At least I can launch the game.

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The steam version has its issues. It seems to have gotten better but I don’t know if that’s because NVidia’s released several driver patches, a change 343 made, or the fact I started playing Infinite a hell of a lot less and as such don’t give it time to crash because of a memory leak.

Nvidia has released a few diver updates that has helped a lot.

The problem I have with steam is the fact the game still wants to pull the steam controller input even when that setting if turned off in steam itself. It messes aiming and aim assist up a lot. Not that PC really gets aim assist half the time.

Memory leak and poor pc optimization can’t be fixed by Nvidia unfortunately

This may be of interest:

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