Constant Black Screens in Matchmaking

For the last 2 months I have been unable to play Matchmaking because within 1 minute or so of starting the game I freeze then go black screen and then it resets me like i just started the game. This happens every 10-15 seconds (sometimes every 5 seconds) throughout the entire game. It is not my connection because this is the only game this happens in and every other game is flawless, also i have around 30 mbps and an Open NAT. The game was bought on the marketplace. I have deleted the game and reinstalled over 10 times, deleted profile and re installed it, deleted save data both on the console and the cloud, hard reset xbox more times than i can count, reset my internet, cleared the persistent cache 10 or so times, cleared mac address about 10 times, tried playing on a different profile and it still happens, even tried buying the physical disc and that did not work, i also got a new xbox console an it still happens to me. Any troubleshooting you may think of I have done it. I have made posts about this before and no solution has been found and more pressingly, no 343i employee or moderator or anyone that has anything to do with this so called company has not responded or acknowledged this issue. It’s very upsetting a company can care this little about their product and their consumers. Anyways, if anyone has a fix or any other ideas please feel free to throw them my way, I know there are multiple people with this same issue as well.

Hello I am having the same problem just bought a brand new router (a high speed gaming one ) and using a hardwired connection still freezes and black screens. Every 2mins the scoreboard pops up and the games lags so bad people are just walking into walls and then it pops up the scoreboard like its restarting the match

yep, same thing here. Curious though, is your game a digital download or physical disc? Also, did you redeem and install ODST?

It’s a digital download never installed halo odst I think